Sep 282011

Here’s a handful of new powers I crafted for the Dresden Files RPG. They’ve been pretty thoroughly playtested and so far they’ve worked out pretty well. They were originally created to give focused practitioners a bit more oomph and scale in higher refresh games. The others were created for characters in a couple of play by post games I’ve joined. Enjoy.


Beast [+1]
Description: You’re an animal of some sort. Granted, you may be an unusually intelligent animal, but you’re still not human.
Musts: You must take a high concept reflecting the fact that you are an animal that does not possess the ability to turn into a human.
Keen Senses. Being an animal isn’t all bad. You have finely tuned senses (as defined by your species) and get a +1 bonus on Alertness and Investigation rolls when using those senses.
No Hands. You don’t have hands or opposable thumbs, which makes many tasks much more difficult. The difficulty of all actions that require fine motor skills by is increased by 2 and some actions might be outright impossible.
No Speech. You cannot speak beyond barks and growls and the occasional “smart animal trick.” The difficulty of all social actions requiring speech is increased by 2 and some actions might be outright impossible.

Focused Study [–0]
Musts: Channeling and/or Ritual.
Description: Experienced focused practitioners learn in time how to refine and focus their abilities, gaining a deeper understanding of their one particular area of study.
Skills Affected: Discipline, Conviction, Lore.
Intense Focus. You have chosen to focus heavily upon one particular application of spellcraft. When you take this power you forever give up the ability to upgrade Channeling to Evocation or upgrade Ritual to Thaumaturgy.
Focused Specialization. You may now choose to gain specialization bonuses when buying the Refinement power.

Focused Mastery [-1]
Musts: Focused Study
Description: With experience comes eventual mastery. A few focused practitioners have learned how to unlock their full potential and gain an incredible amount of mastery over their chosen area of spellcraft.
Skills Affected: Conviction, Discipline, Lore
Esoteric Lore. You roll Lore at +1 when dealing with magic particular to your area of focus (as determined by your element, ritual, or theme).
Potent Specialization. You no longer need to structure your specialization bonuses for each ability according to the same “column” limits for skills (see page 65). You still cannot have any specialization bonuses higher than your Lore skill.

Rote Reliance [+1]
Musts: At least one rote spell.
Description: You aren’t very good at improving with your magic, preferring to stick to a few well rehearsed and known spells.
Skills Affected: Conviction, Discipline, Lore
Improvisational Block. You suck at casting any spell you haven’t worked out ahead of time. When casting non rote spells, consider your Conviction and Discipline to be 2 steps lower than the actual ratings.
Total Reliance [+1]. You are totally reliant upon a few well rehearsed spells. The only spells you can cast are rote spells. When casting such spells you must roll to control the power as if you were casting them normally.

Signature Spell [-1]
Musts: At least one rote spell.
Description: You are well known for one spell in particular. You might be a one trick pony, but it’s a damn good trick!
Skills Affected: Discipline, Conviction, Lore.
Choose one of your rote spells when you buy this power. This spell then becomes your signature spell and gains the benefits listed below when you cast that spell by rote. You may only have one signature spell at a time. At the game masters discretion you may be able to change your signature spell after a Significant or Major milestone.
Efficient Spellcraft. You’ve refined one spell so greatly that you can cast it with incredible efficiency. When determining the mental stress cost (page 250) of your signature spell, consider your Conviction to be 1 step higher than its actual rating.
One Last Spell. You’ve learned to keep a little bit of energy in reserve for your favorite spell. You may spend a Fate Point instead of taking metal stress when casting your signature spell.