Sep 192009

All right, I don’t drop into personal mode here very often, but this one really gets to me. A fine gentleman had a very piece of artwork stolen at Dragon*Con.  As an artist I find this utterly reprehensible and beyond contempt.  I want to see this bastard caught and this artworked returned to the artist.

So, took a look at the piece again. If you see someone wearing this, report it to the artist.  I’m personally offering free print design work to anyone who helps track this piece of artwork down.  Have that RPG sitting around you want to get produced?  I’ll do it free of charge at the professional level.  If that doesn’t float your boat, I’ll do your entire campaign map instead.

I want this bastard found and I want this artist to get his work back.  As an artist myself I can find nothing lower than stealing the work of an artist.  In fact, mere words cannot describe my anger at this.  Keep an eye out – this kind of shit can’t go unanswered.

  One Response to “A Brief Plee for Help”

  1. I will knit the person who finds it a piratical hat!