Feb 252011

Me and Ruben played a pretty fun game of Troops, Weapons & Tactics (yes.. it abbreviates to a rather rude word. Yes, this is probably intentional) today.

The scene was Italy 1943, the force a platoon of fairly inexperienced Americans, supported by a machine gun team and a 60mm mortar. Opposing them a platoon of somewhat fresh but unsupported Germans.

We had rolled up characters with personalities, using the excellent “Platoon Forward” supplement, likewise available from Toofatlardies. I’ll let Ruben talk about his characters and the story as it unfolded.

The battle ended with 7 or 8 casualties on each side, at which point my Germans conceded the field. While they were still putting up a fight, the flanks were getting worn down, and it didn’t seem reasonable to expend more men on a routine patrol action.

Some general lessons:

As always, TW&T captures the old saying that in battle, even simple things are hard. Troops almost invariably do not move at the pace you expect them to, squads get bogged down or decide to hold their safe spot rather than move up to the firing line, officers find themselves in the wrong spot, and coordinating anything becomes extremely difficult. The “platoon attack” that seems to easy on paper is a lot more difficult in real life.. and in TW&T.

Deciding whether shots counted as “great”, “okay” or “poor” proved no trouble at all. We also generally agreed on target numbers for spotting. I imagine once we involve vehicles, it’ll flow just as easy.

Platoon officers are vitally important if you want to get anything done. Having two big men with an important squad vastly raises their chances of getting to move, directing their fire and keeping them in good shape.

Close range fire is extremely unpleasant. One unfortunate yank rifle team took multiple casualties from close range grenade throwing and MG42 fire. One of my german teams found the same fate as they found themselves on the receiving end of two BAR teams without much cover. Once you are outside 12″ and in some cover, firepower tends to slack off quite a bit.

Grenade throwing worked out extremely well on my end.

I forgot that mortars have a minimum range of 24″. Also forgot about smoke grenades. Maybe next time.

Overall, an enjoyable game with a good historical feel.

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  1. Thank god you forgot about the minimum mortar range! Those guys really saved my bacon!