Oct 022015

Welcome, gentle reader, to what will hopefully be my ongoing actual play of my home Deadlands: Reloaded game. Because for the last year or so I’ve really been in a DMing funk. Nothing has really gelled, piqued my interest, or otherwise caught fire. But we’re now three sessions into this game and it appears to be going swimmingly. Even better, I’m excited about it. I’m actually taking a few notes and posting things on our G+ group. And since I’m going to have to write recaps for that anyway, I figured why not do an actual play. But first I’m gonna ramble at y’all just a bit.

I’ve been a big fan of Deadlands for a long while now. It was one of the first non Shadowrun or D&D games I got my hands on as a youth. And I was drawn in by the promise of undead cowboys and six shooters. I don’t think this was an accident, as one of the fondest memories of my grandfather was watching Westerns with him. Or reading Louie L’amour novels. Or even just walking out on his 100+ acre farm with a pistol, shooting at stumps and sometimes a small critter or two. And then from mom’s side I got to hang out with my Uncle Arnold, who taught me how to make salmon hooks, or build a birch bark canoe, or other tribal stuff. In short, I was born to this genre. And I still love it to this day. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this game is going well.

I’m also blessed with an extraordinary good group. This group of folks is more than willing to try new things, to stay in character, to generally put as much in themselves as the GM does. Which is just great. We’ve been gaming together for years now, and so the trust is pretty darn high. I’m really lucky and I know it. And so sometimes you might see things flying that wouldn’t work in other groups. But I’ve never worried about overpowering folks or the like. A quick rundown of the group. I’m just gonna use initials, even though I know most of them don’t care.

  • Me: Your humble Marshal for this game. Y’all should know me, at least a little bit.
  • JAZ: My wife of 13 years, and a veteran roleplayer. JAZ is less concerned with mechanics and tends to lean on me for mechanical advice. She does, however, know and quite like the Savage Worlds system. She’s a newbie to the Western Genre, though wants to see more. Favorite Western: Tombstone.
  • JE: A veteran roleplayer and purveyor of terrible, terrible, puns. I’m serious. They’re awful and we continually threaten to put him on the porch, but still he persists. Within the group, JE is the one most likely to try oddball or out there concepts. He’s a relative newbie to Savage Worlds and utterly new to Deadlands. Favorite Western: Open Range
  • MJ: Longtime veteran player and my drinking buddy. A great guy to have at the table, enthusiastic and willing to go with the flow. MJ is decently familiar with Savage Worlds and a bit familiar with Deadlands. He’s good at herding cats and getting the group to focus when needs be. Favorite Western: Unforgiven; Favorite Beer (for now): Pelican Brewery Flock Wave (at least right now).
  • RC: RC is veteran player, though I think she’s the one who’s played the “least” (where least is measured in years, instead of decades). RC is a lovely gal who is utterly unfamiliar with Savage Worlds and only passingly familiar with Deadlands. RC tends to be a bit quieter at times. She also runs a mean game of Dragon Age. She also paints miniatures really, really, really well. If I start posting pictures of them, know that she more than likely did them. She has a fun tumblr here!
  • JC: Another veteran roleplayer and new(ish) father. A great storyteller and a good artist, too. He’s currently not playing with us, as he and his wife welcomed their second boy into the world a while back. We hope to see him again.

That’s the group, such as we are. As for this game, I have a rough idea of what I want to do. This game is going to be a mix of random stuff and plot points. My vague idea is that I’m going to run them through Coffin Rock on the way to doing the Flood. Then it’ll probably be The Lost Sons, into Stone and a Hard Place, and then finishing up with whatever they do for Hellestromme. In short, I’m gonna give my PCs a chance to off all four of the harbringers. Along with other stuff.

And for those playing along at home, I am running this game with some house rules and modified character creation rules.
My House Rules
Character Creation Rules: I’m running what I like to call “Big Damn Hero” mode. The characters are starting out potent. But because my group is awesome, no one has really min-maxed or anything.