I could spend a couple of paragraphs describing myself and this blog, but in the end I don’t think it would say all that much about me. This is a site about roleplaying, video games, and other general nerd stuff. I occasionally write about things that interest me. And if you want to know more about me, here’s a Fate Core character sheet for me:

High Concept

Artistic Nerd



Other Aspects

Walking Encyclopedia of Geek Culture
Jen, My Geeky Wife
The Tao of Superman


Great: Crafts
Good: Rapport, Scholarship
Fair: Empathy, Notice, Physique
Average: Athletics, Contacts, Drive, Will


Friendly Neighborhood Dungeon Master (Rapport): +1 to Rapport when you are the one running a roleplaying game.
11th Hour Push (Physique): +2 to Physique when used to defend against fatigue due to lack of sleep.
Print Designer (Crafts): +1 to Crafts when creating a print product. This increases to +2 if the book in question is an RPG.